Cremation is a service that we offer to our families coming to make arrangements or pre-arrangements. If cremation is an option that you or a loved one would like to explore, then we want to make sure that all of your questions are answered honestly and compassionately.
All cremations are now done on site. We are one of the few unique funeral homes that have on site crematories.

Your Options:

Cremation is a way of disposition. There are 3 arrangement options that you can select.

• Viewing and Service Followed by Cremation -
This option is similar to a traditional service; however, in place of a service of committal at a cemetery, family and friends are invited to a place of luncheon immediately following the service. Cremation takes place afterwards.

• Cremation with a Memorial Service -
Cremation takes place before the service. The services may be conducted with or without the urn present.

• Direct Cremation without Any Service -
Only cremation takes place.
In all 3 options, the ashes can be returned to the family or can be interred.

Questions and Answers
These are a few of the questions or statements that we hear most frequently. Click on them to read our answer.

• Do we have to buy a casket for cremation?
No! This is a common misconception. You do not need to buy a casket for your loved one for cremation; however, if you would like a viewing beforehand, there are caskets appropriate for use.

• What should I expect to get back?
The last thing that we want is for families to be shocked by their loved one's cremains. Many folks expect to see ashes, but the human body does not reduce to ashes through cremation. Cremains will have the appearance and feel of light gravel; however, it is actually small bone fragments.